Guest House's Description

Welcome to the Guest House
Chez Juju

Below the Guest House's description:

With a good localization, in a very calm place

and just 100 meters from the beach.
Between the beaches of Camburi and Maresias
(Coastal North of São Paulo)


Boiçucanga have a lot of gorgeous waterfalls,
tracks with access to desert beaches,
stroll of boat to the islands (escuna),
stroll of caiaque and banana boat.
Located in the transversal street to the Highway Rio-Santos,
next to the Shopping Side Beach, where
all local shops is concentrated,
bank agencies, snack bars, would pizzaria,
restaurants, great supermarket, nocturnal house,
gas station and next to the Rank to 24 Health hs.
With internal parking all lawn.Comfortable, simple and familiar environment.
With place for barbecues, games, etc.

Barbecue place.
Entrance for the suites.

Suites description

Suites well aired, with fan in the ceiling,
hygienical shower in the WC
and individual service area.

There are 6 comfortable suites for couple.

All furnished with TV, fan of ceiling,
closet to accomodate your clothes,
and individual service area.

With kitchens equipped with refrigerator,
stove and utensils to make your meals.


For prices please contact me by phone or E-mail, thanks.


E-mail :

Phone : +55 (012) 3865 3158

Guest House "Chez Juju"
Rua Imperatriz, 155
CEP 11620-000 - Boissucanga
São Sebastião - SP - Brasil

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